Porsche Engine Block Cleaning Service

Porsche Engine Block Cleaning Service

150,00 exclusief BTW | 181,50 inclusief BTW

SKU: 107-06.1

Engine blocks must be cleaned prior to shipping them to LN Engineering for reconditioning and should be free of oil, coolant, or grease. If your block is received dirty, we offer our hot tank jet blast cleaning service which is required before any machining can be carried out during the reconditioning process. Engine blocks or cases that are very dirty, stained, or heavily oxidized need more cleaning than our standard hot jet wash service. Our vapor blasting service will remove most of the baked on grime, staining, and corrosion common to magnesium and aluminum engines.

Please note: Although cases are washed several times during our processes, it is up to the engine builder to clean all surfaces including cylinder bores as well as coolant and oil passages prior to engine assembly.

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