Powerlite High Torque Startmotoren besparen gewicht, hebben een groter vermogen en een langere levensduur. De startmotor draait sneller en start de motor onafhankelijk van temperatuur en hoge compressie. Trekt minder stroom vergeleken met een originele startmotor en start de auto ook met een accu met lage spanning.

Who is Powerlite?

Powerlite is the brand name for our unique range of Performance Electrics, ideal for youngtimers, classic or competition. The Powerlite range is manufactured exclusively in the UK, and every single unit has been designed, tested and built by us to the highest possible standards. We use all of our pedigree and experience in each and every Powerlite unit and take pride in everything that we produce.

The Powerlite brand was established around 15 years ago and has a fantastic reputation as the brand leader in Performance Electrics. It is trusted throughout the industry, from top end race teams like Radical and prestige manufacturers such as Aston Martin, right through to small workshops and the individual classic car enthusiast.

We have decades of experience, an excellent pedigree, an unrivalled reputation for quality and customer service and a comprehensive range andplans to keep the brand moving forwards with new developments to the fitment range and new products that suit both our product and customer portfolio.

Powerlite starter

Powerlite offers a wide range of high torque gear reduction starter motors. The lightweight units offer increased cranking speeds and considerably more cranking power than original units, whilst drawing less current from the battery.
The units are ideal especially where engines have been tuned and adverse conditions require extra performance from the starter motor.

All Powerlite starters are direct replacement for original units and require no modifications to the vehicle on which they are installed, as they work for both positive and negative polarity (Except the Slimline ). The compact lightweight units are often easier to install than the original unit and units are modified where necessary to aid fitment.

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Powerlite offers a range of alternators including compact lightweight units, ideal for competition cars where weight and space are at a premium. Our alternators are available in a wide range of outputs and bracket configurations enabling a suitable unit to be identified to meet the specifications required.


CUSTOM CONCEPTS stocks all Porsche and Aston Martin applications for distribution in Mainland Europe. Powerlite is an excellent addition to the LN engineering Nickies cylinders or Mahle Motorsport cylinder and piston kit for all air cooled Porsche applications like Porsche 356, 911, 964 and 993 models.

Powerlite products

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