Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Reconditioning and Pinning Service

Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Reconditioning and Pinning Service

375,00 exclusief BTW | 453,75 inclusief BTW


SKU: 106-08.1.L

Intermediate shaft (IMS) rebuild service includes inspection of IMS for runout, re-conditioning, and pinning of the main drive sprocket. Did you know the IMS drive sprockets aren’t indexed or keyed? The intermediate shaft is made up of 3 sprockets pressed onto a tube, which means they can move, and even worse, they can come out of alignment of the IMS bearing housing bore. Excess runout will lead to increased bearing and chain wear!

Please verify the correct IMS chain drive before ordering.

If advance replacement is selected, you will be charged a refundable core charge and you will receive an early or late shaft that may have a different ims housing bore for single row, dual row, or 06-08 bearing, depending on our current inventory. If the core you supply has been modified in any way, suffered any failure or damage, or has more than .005” of runout, the core charge will not be refunded to you and your intermediate shaft core will be returned at your expense if requested.

If you are purchasing an IMS bearing from us, it is best to contact us first as to what cores we have available so as to ensure you purchase the right replacement bearing. If requested, we will install the bearing for you in the intermediate shaft for no charge as part of our IMS reconditioning service when you purchase an IMS bearing upgrade from LN Engineering.

If you want to retain the same bearing type and size, you must send in your IMS for servicing. Likewise, if you want to keep your original IMS, please allow up to an extra 6 weeks for processing.

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