Motor: Titanium klepveren voor Porsche 993

Motor: Titanium klepveren voor Porsche 993

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Our 8mm Kit include:

  • High Performance Valve Springs,
  • HP10T9 Titanium Valve Spring Retainers
  • HPSS Valve Spring Seats

Suitable for 1995-1998 Porsche 993 models.

AASCO’s HP109 high performance valve springs, titanium valve spring retainers, and precision valve spring seats are all designed and manufactured to specifically fit the envelope of a Porsche application not a spring from another use. It operates at a higher natural frequency than the original factory Porsche or OE valve spring for performance and racing engines and at the very least minimizes damage from overrev when tracking your Porsche.

Tech Specs:

Installed Height 1.340” (34mm)
Seat Pressure (lbs) 70-80
Max Valve Lift .512” (13mm)
Spring Rate (lbs/in) 360
Coil Bind Height (in): 1.13″
Spring Rate: 360 lbs/in
No. of Springs Per Valve: Dual (Damper Spring Included)


Seat (installed) height: Total height of the spring when the valve is closed and the spring is unloaded
Valve spring open height: Total height of the spring when valve is open and spring is experiencing load (compressing)
Valve spring coil bind: When the valve spring is fully compressed to the point that all of the coils are compressed

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