Engine: 2 QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit for Porsche 718 (not GT4) Cayman Boxster

2.250,00 exclusief BTW | 2.722,50 inclusief BTW

SKU: 106-00.13

The ideal engine oil temperature for a modern watercooled engine is 104-107 degrees celcius. Track use can bump that to over 148 degrees celcius. The LN Engineering billet  2,0 QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit inc. pick up tube extension for 2016 and later 982/718 Boxster and Cayman (Not GT4) models with the Flat 4 Turbo MA2.20 or MA2.22 engine lowers oil temperatures on track up to 5 degrees celcius.

Tatum Racing was the first to run the BRS 2 QT deep sump on one of their 718 race cars. Where they would regularly see the car get hot enough to go into limp mode on track, the additional 2 quarts of capacity dropped oil temps enough to solve this troubling problem for good. It is a must for every street and track car.

Note: Includes oil pickup extension; designed to work with the factory oil baffle (not included).

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