9A1 Oversized Engine Oil Cooler and Power Steering Bypass MY09-12 Cayman Boxster

9A1 Oversized Engine Oil Cooler and Power Steering Bypass MY09-12 Cayman Boxster

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SKU: 118-05

9A1 engines have high operating temps including oil temperatures that can exceed 300F on a summer day on 3.8 models in a DE session.

The coolant system in MY09-12 Cayman and Boxster models with the 9A1 engine is tasked with keeping temperatures of many fluid systems at a safe level. This includes the power steering circuit that runs through the factory oil cooler along, with the engines coolant, to equalize fluid temperatures. An upgraded oil cooler is a must to help keep engine oil temperatures in control on the track. Our upgraded Genuine Porsche engine oil cooler features 19 plates which is 5 more than the 3.8 oil cooler (which is larger than the stock Boxster/Cayman cooler).

By eliminating the power steering loop from the heat exchanger and upgrading the cooler with a larger unit, the efficiency is increased and helps to lower oil temperatures. The supplied BRS power steering loop bypass is then used to connect the two ends that were originally routed to the factory cooler. This is perfect for those converting their cars to utilize electric power steering or if stock PS is retained, a power steering cooler must be added to the car.

With the added oil cooler capacity, an upgrade to the cooling system including a low temperature thermostat and a CSF radiators (center as well as upgraded CSF side radiators) will help lower coolant temperatures which directly affects oil temperatures.

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