Gereedschap: IMS Pro Tool Kit: For installation of LN IMS Dual Row

Gereedschap: IMS Pro Tool Kit: For installation of LN IMS Dual Row

300,00 exclusief BTW | 363,00 inclusief BTW

SKU: 106-08.13


LN Engineering and Flat 6 Innovations were the first to develop tools and processes to carry out the replacement of the infamous IMS bearing in Boxster and 911 models.

The IMS Pro Tool kit includes the required bearing puller and driver, camshaft, and crankshaft locks for installation of IMS Retrofit, IMS Solution, and RND RS Roller IMS bearing kits. Kit also includes adapters to pull stock and LN IMS bearings as well as our ez-out tool which allow removal of the stock bearing when the center stud breaks during bearing extraction. 106-08.2.2 Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit also requires purchase of Faultless IMS Tool 106-08.22; IMS Solution and all IMS bearing kits for 2006-2008 models (engine disassembly required) also require the IMS Supplemental Tool Kit 106-08.21.

Note: Free basic technical support is provided through our ticketing system. Assistance with the IMS procedure is not provided outside of directives and videos provided online. Advanced Technical Support (ATS) is a paid service where you can speak to an actual technician experienced with the IMS procedure and your vehicle to assist in case you run into a problem you cannot solve on your own.

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