Motor: Powerlite high power alternator voor Porsche 911 en 930 Turbo

Motor: Powerlite high power alternator voor Porsche 911 en 930 Turbo

883,58 exclusief BTW | 1.069,13 inclusief BTW

RAC688 ( Porsche 911 2.4 (1971 t/m 1973) & 2.7 (1972 t/m 1981)

RAC689 ( Porsche 911 3.0 (1974 t/m 1981) )

RAC690 ( Porsche 911 3.2 (1983 t/m 1989) & 911 turbo 3.3 (1984 t/m 1990)

Brand new developed alternator to fit a wide range of Porsche 911 & 930 models.

With more modern technology stator, these high powered alternators will produce a mighty 160 amps – perfect for road, race and rally conditions. When needed, they will produce high output – even at tick over. Perfect for powering extra ancillaries such as air-con in warm climates.

Our range of 911 alternators have been designed,  tested and built by us here at Powerlite. Built using OE rated components and our own signature CNC machined housing, the range covers every Porsche 911 & 930 Turbo from 1971 until 1989.

Fitted with the very best NSK bearings, these alternators will cope with high revving engines in any condition and each body has been designed to match the original Porsche cowel to replace the factory fitted, massively inefficient and old technology based Bosch and Paris Rhone alternators. 

Weight:  5.6 kg

Power:  160 amps

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