Cooling: PDK Cooler Side Mount Porsche 987.2 / 981

Cooling: PDK Cooler Side Mount Porsche 987.2 / 981

999,00 exclusief BTW | 1.208,79 inclusief BTW


SKU: 117-08

The PDK Side Mount Cooler is an upgrade to replace to small factory Porsche unit. The additional cooling capacity maintains safe temperature levels to prevent the car from going into a limp mode. The oil to water heat exchanger uses the same inlet and outlet lines as the factory system. Our BRS PDK fittings allowing the cooler to be routed to the provisions on the side of the transmission. The kit tucks neatly next to the transmission to allow the use of factory style exhausts. Our cooler is three times the capacity of the OEM cooler. Please add .5QT to the factory fill capacity.


*With the addition of a gear pump and other fittings this cooler could be adapted to be used as a gear cooler. Ask us about the necessary components if interested.

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