Bilt Racing Service 987/987.2 Fast Fill Fueling Kit

Bilt Racing Service 987/987.2 Fast Fill Fueling Kit

1.599,00 exclusief BTW | 1.934,79 inclusief BTW


SKU: 116-06

When completing fuel stops during racing speed and efficiency is the name of the game. Quickly filling a car with fuel becomes a very important aspect of a stop. Our fast fill kit is a combination of the highest quality ATL fuel parts and custom machined parts to ensure everything works together.

The assembly of valves ensure of a proper venting for fueling while the internal floats closes to prevent fuel lose when full. The roller over valve also stops the possibility of the fuel lost should the vehicle decide to invert itself.

The fuel head receiver mounts into the gas door flap using our laser cut plate. This does not hinder the filler door movement which keeps a very clean look while hiding the receiver.

All necessary hosing, fittings, and clamps are included for install.

Can be fit to a 986, 996, 997 with custom fuel reciever mount.**

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