Transmission: 7DT45 Shift Fork Position Sensor Unit for Porsche PDK Gearbox

Transmission: 7DT45 Shift Fork Position Sensor Unit for Porsche PDK Gearbox

Cross Reference: 0501325775, 0501327105, 0501324703, 7DT45, 7DT70


– Car is undrivable or in limp mode
– Dash message “Gearbox fault…”
– OBD codes 1731,1732,1733,1734,1735 and some 17Dx
– OBD errors “Shift rod N displacement sensor”
– Dealer/Shop diagnosed “distance (or position) sensor failure”


The distance/displacement sensor is important part of the Porsche PDK gearbox. Its function is to tell the control unit where all 4 shift rods are at the moment. Gearbox control unit constantly communicates with sensor pack to make sure gear shifts occurred correctly. Once the sensor goes bad/dies – control unit can not continue. So it will keep driving in the gear currently selected, will not do any more shifts, and after car stopped – it will not let it drive again at all.


Here is a thread on Rennlist about PDKs, PDK related problems, solutions, and the distance / position sensor: Guide to Repairing a PDK Transmission.

There is also a thread on Rennlist about How to disassemble the PDK transmission to replace the shift fork position sensor that you should review to familiarize yourself with the procedure.

2.350,00 exclusief BTW | 2.843,50 inclusief BTW

Repair your 7DT45 and 7DT70 Porsche PDK transmission / gearbox instead of buying a new one! The distance / position sensor failure is typically indicated by 1731-1735 and other 17xx errors. Previously this kind of error required a new and very expensive PDK transmission, but now you can just replace the faulty gear position sensor.

This 100% new aftermarket replacement part (not made by ZF or sold by Porsche) using the latest technology and electronics (2021 vs 2007); replaces Porsche part numbers 0501325775, 0501327105, and 0501324703. Fits 911, Cayman, and Boxster models since 2009 (997 991 981 718 models).

Professional installation by qualified shop required;

sensor is not available for purchase for DIY installation as replacing the PDK distance / position sensor is a very complicated procedure and no official factory PDK repair manual exists. PIWIS records (VAL file) including VIN number and details for each installation must be documented and submitted to meet sensor manufacturer and warranty requirements. Please note the factory manual does not provide instructions for disassembly and reassembly of the PDK transmissions; Instructions and support are not provided with the replacement sensor, however there are threads on the Rennlist Porsche forums that will be of assistance (see links below). You will need to reuse (solder) all harness, plug, and speed sensors.

Not available by end users; theissensor can only be purchased and installed through a shop that is qualified to do the installation and access to a PIWIS. If you are a shop, please contact us for more information.

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