Baum Tools B9685KIT Porsche Cam Timing Kit

219,65 exclusief BTW | 265,78 inclusief BTW

Product ID: B9685KIT

Rebuilding your M96 Engine? B9685KIT Porsche Cam Timing Kit includes the specialty cam timing tools required when rebuilding a 3-chain Boxster (2003-2008), Cayman (2006-2008), or 911 (2002-2008) with the M96 or M97 engine. You will also need B9612KPLUS, which includes the wrist pin clip installation tool and other necessary items for your M96 or M97 engine rebuild.

Don’t trust cheap eBay knockoffs! We only use and recommend Baum Tools as they have been the leader in quality aftermarket specialty tools for Porsche applications for decades.

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