Uitlaat: Sportuitlaat met kleppen en controller voor DB11 V8

Uitlaat: Sportuitlaat met kleppen en controller voor DB11 V8

2.995,00 exclusief BTW | 3.623,95 inclusief BTW



Electronic valved sportexhaust system for the Aston Martin DB11 4.0T V8

  • 100% stainless steel, direct fit tubing
  • This exhaust is also Valvetronic, meaning the silencer has been built with two different flow paths, depending on whether the valves are open or shut. With the valves shut, the exhaust is sportier but only a little louder than OEM while with the press of a key fob the valves open and the tone becomes even louder and sportier!
  • A dual-tone setup controlled by a key fob which you can switch , changing from an aggressive sports note ideal for the open road to a tamer,  inner city-friendly note with the valves closed.
  • The system comes as pictured and includes a sports rear silencer, valves, valve controller, and 2 high-quality carbon-fiber tailpipes.
  • The exhaust system is fully mandrel bent and TIG welded in order to provide optimal gas flows and increase the performance of the vehicle helping you get the most from your DB11.

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