Uitlaat: Iskander manifolds

Uitlaat: Iskander manifolds

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pair of high quality, equal length, stainless steel 3-1 manifolds for the Audi S4 and S5 B8.5 (post facelift) variants, years 2009-2020. Specifically, on the S4 these manifolds fit all variants from 2009 B8 onwards whereas on the S5, these manifolds fit the V6 engine used on the B8.5 variants; from 2009 on the Cabriolet and Sportback models and from 2013 on the Coupé models. If you have any doubt ref the fitment of this product to your S4 or S5, do not hesitate to enquire on this product using the button above and we can advise.

These aftermarket upgraded manifolds replace the flimsy OEM offering at a competitive price point. Ideal replacement or performance aftermarket mod, enhances sound and power when compared to original exhaust headers. TIG welded from 304 grade stainless steel. CNC machined flange for precision fitment and mandrel bent for fast, smooth exhaust flow.

Bore Diameter- 2.5 inch (63.5MM)
Product Weight (boxed)- 9KG
Package Dimensions- 73x41x19 (CM)
Gaskets/Fitting Kit- Not included
Video/Sound Clip- Not yet sourced, we can offer a 30% refund on receipt.
Installation instructions- Not included, we recommend professional installation

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