Uitlaat: Afstandbedieningset

Uitlaat: Afstandbedieningset

249,00 exclusief BTW | 301,29 inclusief BTW

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  • This device operates as per the standard Aston V12 Vantage, DB9, DBS, Virage (S5)
  • Remote Control Switch, with the added feature of it remembering the last selection that was selected on the remote key fob.
  • Hence if you finish in loud mode then it will stay in loud mode and stay that way through unlimited re-starts or until you select the quiet mode button at any time of your choice.
    It achieves this by remembering the last button you pressed in a magnetic core memory and hence has zero power drain, using no power at all when the ignition is not turned on.
  • This product fits all V12 Vantages DB9, DBS and Virages 2004 to date.

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