Transmission: LN Engineering Bilt Racing Service BRS 987 PDK & Gear Oil Cooler MY09-12 Boxster Cayman

1.999,00 exclusief BTW | 2.418,79 inclusief BTW

SKU: 117-09

Rising temperatures is always the biggest battle on track. Our oil to water coolers keep these temperatures at a safe level. The small factory PDK cooler is replaced with our larger oil to water cooler. The gear side on 987 do not have a gear side cooler which is where much of the temperature increase comes from. Using an external gear pump, the fluid is circulated through the second oil to water cooler. This kit includes sensor ports in each fluid system to monitor temperatures.


Included in this kit:

– Cooler Bracket

– 2 BRS Oil-to-Water Heat Exchangers

– 2 BRS Heat Exchanger Adapter Plates

– Mocal Oil Pump

– BRS PDK Fittings

– All Necessary Fittings and Hoses


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