The 996 Ultimate AOS UAOS-AL Complete Kit

The 996 Ultimate AOS UAOS-AL Complete Kit

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UAOS for Porsche 911 996 models comes complete with Accumulator, Flow Regulator, all hoses, Microprocessor Controlled Infra-red Sensor , Plug-N-Play wiring, mounting hardware, fully assembled and pre-wired. a pre-sealed/modified “lifetime AOS” is included with each kit.

The UAOS-AL 99YM fits cable throttle body Coupes and Cabs (C2’s). Our UAOS-AL 99YM kit also includes the optional 15mm rubber elbow and clamps needed for early models with the vin split 99xs6 26672 and 99xs6 55501 for the early two piece brake booster design.

The UAOS-AL 996.1 fits 99C4’s (E-gas) Coupes and Cabs, 2000, and 2001.

The UAOS-AL 996.2 fits 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 996’s.

An optional upgrade to the UAOS is the High Mileage/Extreme Track Duty Auto-Drain, which is recommended for older engines or if you plan on tracking your 996. The UAOS high mileage/Extreme Track Duty Auto-Drain will stop the need to drain the Accumulator and frequent warnings of the Infra-red sensor. All fittings, hose, seals, connectors, clamps, and a new Genuine Porsche oil fill tube pre-fitted with connector and seal.

If you have any doubt as to which one you need, please send us an email at and include your model, year, and vin before placing your order.

The pre-sealed /modified AOS carries a Lifetime warranty, all other components carry a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty Warranty is for material and craftsmanship only and does not cover labor or anything outside of parts replacement only. Warranty is provided by

See this thread on the Rennlist Porsche forums for UAOS installation instructions, tips, and tricks:

Please note: Professional installation is recommended for the Ultimate AOS; The UAOS is still emission compliant but may not pass “visual” inspection in CA.

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