Porsche 944/944T/968 105.03mm (4.135″) Nickies Block Sleeving (111-105)

Porsche 944/944T/968 105.03mm (4.135″) Nickies Block Sleeving (111-105)

3.000,00 exclusief BTW | 3.630,00 inclusief BTW

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SKU: 111-105

It is a guarantee if the engine has not been reconditioned either by sleeving or direct plating, the bores are out of spec on even a “fresh” rebuild. If the bores do happen to be in spec, there is also the issue of other known modes of failure associated with Lokasil and Alusil engine blocks including, but not limited to d-chunk, cracking, and scoring failures. Nickies billet aluminum cylinders with NSC (nickel silicon carbide) plating, similar to Nikasil, address all known cylinder weaknesses that direct plating of blocks cannot address providing superior cooling, durability, and strength over factory cast in sleeves. Price includes resurfacing of the deck as part of the Nickies sleeve installation process.

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