Pauter Connecting Rods For Porsche 993 3.6 (Set of 6)

Pauter Connecting Rods For Porsche 993 3.6 (Set of 6)

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SKU: 993-230-580-1270F

Pauter X-beam connecting rods for 3.6 Porsche 911 993 engines utilize E4340 vacuum-melt chrome-moly forgings and are fully CNC machined and heat-treated to Rockwell C36. Pauter rods feature full coverage shot peening and are end-to-end balanced in sets. Each Pauter connecting rod comes with ARP 2000 bolts rated at 220,000 psi tensile strength and aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushings standard. Pauter’s unique X-beam construction balances strength and weight reduction while reducing horsepower losses due to crankcase windage. We recommend running Pauter rods with our coated Clevite race connecting rod bearings for both street and track (sold separately).

Center to Center (mm): 127.00
Big End Dia (mm): 58.01
Big End Width (mm): 18.75
Small End Dia (mm): 23.01
Small End Width (mm): 19.58
Weight Overall (g): 535
Weight Big End (g): 373

Please note:

993-230-580-1270F can also be used on 997.1 Turbo engines as long as a 993/996 turbo rod bearings are used as the 997 turbo rod has a different bearing tang configuration than the 993/996TT rod. The only other difference is the 997 Turbo connecting rod has a pin end width of 0.775″ vs the 0.768″ pin end width on the 993/996 Turbo rod.


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