Porsche 911 914-6 2.0 80mm Cylinder by Nickies for standard 2.0 head registers (103-80)

Porsche 911 914-6 2.0 80mm Cylinder by Nickies for standard 2.0 head registers (103-80)

LN Engineering is proud to offer our Nickies™, the ultimate cylinders for your powerful & reliable aircooled engine.

It is not always that you hear high performance and long life paired together, especially when referring to performance aircooled engines. It is very typical, even with high-powered cooling systems, that high-performance engines run too hot, and as you know heat kills! Higher operating temperatures result in a thermally overloaded engine that, among other things, has cylinders that fail to seal against the head and have significantly shorter life spans versus stock displacement engines. Displacement alone doesn’t make it better, Nickies™ make it run cooler and make more power. Our Nickies™ package is the culmination of every technological advance related to pistons and cylinders for your aircooled engine!

Nickies™ make the difference!

Our NSC-plated, CNC billet, solid aluminum Nickies™ provide:

  • Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on NSC-plating provided by Millennium Technologies
  • Increased cooling significantly reduces cylinder head and oil temperatures
  • Increased strength and ductility
  • Increased horsepower over cast-iron cylinders
  • Significantly reduced cylinder wear and increased ring life due to superior oiling (nickel silicon carbide composite coating is oleophilic i.e. oil-liking)
  • Matched expansion with JE Pistons 2618 Forged Alloy Pistons
  • Greater flexibility with custom or single replacement cylinders
  • Interchangeability with factory cylinders allowing use of factory tin and air deflectors
  • Half-mooned windage-notched skirts for increased horsepower *where applicable
  • Knock sensor provisions *where applicable
  • Cylinders can be re-honed or re-plated at a fraction of the original price
  • The largest available slip-fit and machine-in bore sizes with longevity and durability exceeding that of original equipment cylinders
  • ARP Head Studs or equivalent head studs recommended
  • Nickies™ ruled as legal in SCCA as replacement cylinders per SCCA Technical Services TB 05-10a August 29, 2005.

Application notes:

  • All cylinders supplied with a machined deck surface except 2.0 or cylinders ordered custom with flame ring or sealing ring provisions, which then have a media-blasted surface finish.
  • 2.0 911/914-6 cylinders utilize original head sealing arrangement and accept factory head gasket but are also offered with 2.2 style head configuration at no extra charge.

4.741,42 exclusief BTW | 5.737,12 inclusief BTW

LN Engineering’s Nickies – The original and genuine solid aluminum CNC billet NSC-plated cylinders provide increased strength and cooling, allowing for increased displacement and performance without compromising reliability.

Most Nickies kits are in-stock and available in countless piston and cylinder combinations for immediate delivery, from stock to big bore, all with a lifetime warranty on cylinder plating offered by Millennium Technologies. All Nickies cylinders for Porsche 911 engines now feature knock sensor bosses at no extra charge. Optional sealing ring grooves also available upon request for certain applications.

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