Engine: 2.5 QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit for Porsche 992 / 991.2 Models

2.250,00 exclusief BTW | 2.722,50 inclusief BTW

SKU: 106-00.12

The ideal engine oil temperature for a modern water cooled engine is 104-107 degrees celcius. Track use can bump that to over 148 degrees celcius. Besides higher oil temperatures, the factory oil pan on 992 & 991.2 Porsche engines is plastic. Yes, plastic. We’ve already seen many vehicles with damage to the plastic pans and even one engine that failed after the pan was damaged.

The 2.5 QT Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit inc. pickup tube extension for 992 and (2017 and later) 991.2 models with the MA2 engine lowers oil temperatures on track up to 40 degrees F and provides a much stronger pan than the stock plastic one. A must for every street and track car with the MA2 engine. Custom stainless baffle as shown is included in this kit.

Replaces factory part number 9A2 107 309 00 (as shown). Uses the stock pan gasket part number 9A2 107 338 00.

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