(3.4 > 3.8) M96 M97 911 Nickies inc. 101mm JE Piston set, inc. rings, pins, & clips

(3.4 > 3.8) M96 M97 911 Nickies inc. 101mm JE Piston set, inc. rings, pins, & clips

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Re-ringing your M96 or M97 engine isn’t even an option for most rebuilds, however most engine builders re-ring engines after only doing a visual inspection of cylinder bores rather than measuring the cylinders for ovality and taper. It is a guarantee if the engine has not been sleeved, the bores are out of spec on even a “fresh” rebuild.

Through our exclusive Nickies sleeving process, we have overcome the d-chunk, slipped-sleeve, scoring, as well as taper and ovality issues associated with Porsche 986/996 and later 987/997 models.

The price shown is for all six cylinders on the block process. Service applies to M96.01, M96.02, and M96.04 engines.

Note: Although it is possible to increase your displacement to 4.0 liters by using a 3.6/3.8 82mm crankshaft, the extra cost for reworking the crankcase and 82mm crankshaft does not make this option cost-effective. We would recommend saving the money and investing in upgraded internals and cylinder head porting to build a stronger and more powerful engine for your 996.

5.500,00 exclusief BTW | 6.655,00 inclusief BTW

We use a proprietary process in which a sleeve comprised of a special aluminum alloy with both high ductility AND strength is fitted to the m96 block. This allows for increased performance while addressing all cylinder issues associated with the M96 engine.

Nickies utilize a highly wear resistance cylinder bore plating (NSC – which stands for nickel, silicon, and carbide) for long life, which is very similar to Nikasil™, as used on the Carrera GT, GT2, GT3, and 911 Turbo engines! Nickies™ feature our superior aluminum alloy up to 66% stronger than than the cast in Lokasil™ bores or MMC sleeves, providing for improved thermal conductivity and reduced wear and friction over original or cast iron sleeves, and allow for larger bores without any loss of strength or longevity.

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