LN Engineering R&S 996/997 Connection For Coolant Hose To Oil Separator

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SKU: 516.252

The Rauch & Spiegel coolant hose to engine oil separator connection is a much more durable all-aluminum connector for the oil separator coolant hoses on 1999 – 2008 996 & 997 Carrera models. The original plastic connector is fragile and it deteriorates rapidly from heat and vibration. Failure of the original plastic part is usually catastrophic and occurs without warning, leaving you stranded with your car’s coolant running out on the ground. Our anodized billet aluminum connector is vastly more robust than the original plastic part. It has been designed to last the life of the automobile and installation is really quite simple and straight forward. Why get stranded by a failed plastic coolant hose connector when for much less than the price of a tow truck ride you can eliminate the risk for good? New stainless steel mounting hardware is included. Replaces 99610622652, 996.106.226.52.
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