LN Engineering: Porsche 356/912 Twin Plug Programmable Distributor for 6 and 12 Volt Models

1.495,00 exclusief BTW | 1.808,95 inclusief BTW

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Designed and built by Claus Ruppmann of CR Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany, our twin spark distributor is built upon 123 Ignition’s programmable distributor technology. Benefits include electronic ignition (no more points) or finicky points conversion kits that burn out or leave you stranded.

CR Engineering has pre-loaded two curves into the distributor so that you are ready to go, out of the box, including a program that also provides altitude correction (based off ambient air pressure) and adjusts your advance depending on your altitude. Perfect for long trips where you might run into changes in altitude that can cause driveability issues.

No external ignition boxes are required either, making installation plug and play. Detailed instruction are provided to get you running quickly.

This is the ideal solution if you are running JPS Aircooled billet twin plug heads or if you plan on converting your stock heads to twin plug.

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