Coated Rod Bearings 97-08 Porsche M96 M97 2.5-3.8 Boxster Cayman 911 (Set of 12) CT-1

214,92 exclusief BTW | 260,05 inclusief BTW

Product ID: 996-103-121-62C

Calico CT-1 Coated Genuine Porsche Rod Bearing (STD) for 1997-2008 Porsche Boxster, Cayman, and 911 models with the M96 and M97 engines (2.5, 2.7, 3.2, 3.4, 3.6, 3.8). Includes 12 coated bearing half shells.

Bearings are coated with Calico Coating’s CT-1 is a Dry Film Lubricant coating that helps reduce friction and abrasive wear. It provides intermittent dry lubrication and is not affected by dust or dirt. CT-1 is specifically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of today’s high performance engines. Professional engine builders enjoy a higher level of confidence with increased embedability, strength and durability.


We start with Genuine Porsche bearings then the CT-1 Dry Film Lubricant coating is applied as a spray process. Different surface preparation methods appropriate for the substrates will be used prior to the coating process. Coating thickness is varied to suit the application. Typical coating thickness for engine bearings is 0.00025″ to 0.00030″ inch (6 to 7.5 microns).


Provides intermittent dry lubrication, Not affected by dust or dirt, Low coefficient of friction, Increases load carrying capacity, Thin coating to accommodate assembly constraints, Chemical resistance, Corrosion protection, Reduced friction and drag resulting in decreased parasitic load. Benefits include:

Corrosion Protection
Increased Lubricity
Low Coefficient of Friction
Oil and Fuel Resistant

We only use Genuine Porsche bearings and do not offer oversized or undersized bearings for the M96/M97 engine as the components are not designed to be resized. Cracked cap technology rods cannot be resized – replacement is required if they are out of spec or beyond working tolerance. Same goes with the crankshaft – if the journals are scored or blued, the crankshaft has been compromised. Grinding the crankshaft for undersized bearings will weaken the crankshaft and also cut through the heat treat, resulting in a much weaker crankshaft. Again, replacement is the only safe option if your crankshaft is damaged, otherwise you are likely to experience another failure due to the use of an already compromised component being reused.

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