BRS Cayman/Boxster 987.1 6-Speed Transmission Gear Oil Cooler Kit

BRS Cayman/Boxster 987.1 6-Speed Transmission Gear Oil Cooler Kit

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Porsche Cayman and Boxster 987.1 models do not come equipped with a gear cooler for the manual transmission from the factory. The gear fluid in your gearbox has the tough job of keeping everything inside the transmission properly lubricated and can often overheat when tracked, especially if fitted with a limited slip differential. Gear oil that is overheated can break down and provide inadequate protection, leading to premature wear to expensive components inside your transmission, requiring rebuild or replacement of your gearbox. Starting with 981 and 991 models, Porsche added an oil to water heat exchanger to cool the gear fluid. We’ve improved upon that design by fitting a substantially larger cooler that will keep your gearbox cool and extend its life significantly.

The BRS Cayman/Boxster 987.1 6-Speed Transmission Gear Oil Cooler kit is a direct bolt on plug and play kit using our oversized Porsche Cayenne Turbo oil to water heat exchanger made exclusively for LN Engineering. The remoted mounted 0.5 L capacity oil to water heat exchanger provides superior cooling compared to air to oil coolers commonly used that require substantial airflow routed to them to function properly. The kit includes oil cooler, 12V Mocal gear oil pump, custom brackets, hardware, Aeroquip hose, and fittings to add much needed cooling to your Porsche Boxster or Cayman gearbox.

Please note: this kit is only compatible with 2005-2008 987.1 Porsche Boxster and Cayman models with the six (6) speed manual transmission; installation of low temperature thermostat and center radiator recommended. Estimated ship date is early January 2022.

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