Uitlaat: RVS sportspruitstukken

Uitlaat: RVS sportspruitstukken

2.395,00 exclusief BTW | 2.897,95 inclusief BTW



These manifolds are a replacement to the extremely restrictive OE manifolds on the Aston Martin V8 Vantage!

Designed to complement our 200 Cell Sports Cats, these manifolds are equal length (down to the millimetre) and features a beautifully crafted, bespoke merged collector. The gases from the four flows on each manifold are merged in perfect equality, which prevents power being robbed (like the OE manifolds are guilty of).

  • These manifolds are TIG welded by hand
  • Made of 100% T304  stainless steel.
  • The manifolds, in conjunction with our 200 Cell Sports Cats, boast dyno-tested gains of 49BHP with an accompanying 13-15% of additional torque. With an accompanying ECU remap, the 4.3 Model can outrun a standard 4.7 Model.
  • Initial primary diameter is 40mm, transitioned into 70mm secondary, and flared to 76mm for the catalyst flange. Each primary pipe is exactly 400mm long.
  • Product includes gaskets and seal rings for easy fitment!
  • Manifolds fit all V8 Vantage models from 2006-2010
  • From 2011 onwards, they must be fitted with our 200 Cell Sports Cats.

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