Aluminum Block Repair

SKU: 107-06.2

Is your Porsche engine case damaged?

We can correct most damage and carry out broken bolt extraction, aluminum welding, fabrication, and/or remachining to restore your aircooled or watercooled aluminum engine block to as good as new.

Minimum one hour charge for setup and repair. Price per hour. Parts and materials extra.

Examples shown include a cracked m96 block that had a broken bolt that needed to be extracted, crack welded, and area remachined; 9A1 MA1 engine block where we had to fabricate a boss that was broken off the block and weld it back in place, then machine it; repair of incorrectly machined aircooled 911 case where the registers and deck had to be machined, sleeved, and re-machined to restore the proper case geometry and surface finishes.

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