Porsche 996 & 997 CUSTOM CLASSIC

Make a water-cooled 996 or 997 a real classic with the CUSTOM CLASSIC line!

The prices of old air-cooled 911 rise to unprecedented heights, but if you do want to build a private Porsche project, why not based on Porsche with a lot of comfort and safety.

With the CUSTOM CLASSIC series we want to show what can be done on the basis of the 996 & 997.

The classical form of the F-model 911, the ducktail of the 2.7 RS, the Fuchsen forged, or an extra tight suspension to the line by pulling. Everything is possible. The engine equipped with LN-engineering modifications, conversion to 4.0 litre or a sport exhaust system with valve system and remote control.

We can deliver for a private project or the set loose this fully rebuilt by our partner network. In 2015 we will bring our Red demo, we start soon to no. 2. Now the outside is done, we continue with the development of interior parts for the 996 to 997 & old colors, fabrics and materials to encourage reconciliation.