Spin-on Oil Filter Adapter for MY97-08 Boxster Cayman 911

Spin-on Oil Filter Adapter for MY97-08 Boxster Cayman 911

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LN Engineering’s exclusive full-flow spin-on oil filter adapter allows for use of a conventional spin-on oil filter, rather than expensive and messy cartridge-style filters, and improves oil filtration by eliminating the problematic factory filter bypass that can allow contaminants back into your engine, like what was in this filter:


Metal in Porsche oil filter from engine failure.

The LN Engineering Spin On Oil Filter Adapter is a must on all engines, especially those not yet retrofitted with an IMS Retrofit or IMS Solution, as foreign object debris from IMS bearing wear or failure can cause collateral damage in the engine as the factory filter cartridge bypass gets weak over time and allows the stock filter to run in bypass. This allows debris to exit the filter and contaminate the engine.


IMS Bearing Failure Debris

The spin-on oil filter adapter utilizes a Napa 1042, originally specified for 97-04 Chevrolet Corvette, rated for 9-11 GPM with 21 micron rating (versus 28 micron rating specified by Napa/Wix for their replacement for the factory oil filter insert) and full-flow filtration (no bypass valve).

Note: If you fit your engine with an IMS Solution, our spin on oil filter adapter is included which provides easy oil changes while providing filtered oil for the IMS Solution.

Makes oil changes easy again!

Due to filter availability, the Mann ML1013, Mahle OC999, or Baldwin B31 oil filters can be used in place of the Napa Gold 1042 / Wix 51042 filter.

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