Motor: Porsche 356 Drijfstangenset Carillo

Motor: Porsche 356 Drijfstangenset Carillo

CP-Carrillo connecting rods are fully machined from a proprietary 4330m alloy forged for strength and durability. Rods are available with 2 types of bolts: The standard WMC-H7 (H11 Tool Steel) bolt with a UTS (ultimate tensile strength) of 220 k psi and our upgraded CARR-S7 (MP35N) bolt with a UTS of 285k psi.

The CARR upgraded bolt is a good choice if planning on revving the engine higher than 8500 rpm. All our bolts are manufactured with asymmetrical threads, each thread has a slightly different design than the previous, giving the bolts an evenly distributed thread engagement. This helps increase the clamp load and fatigue life of the fastener.

CP-Carrillo’s parent company, Pankl Racing Systems, based in Bruck/Mur, Austria, specializes in developing and manufacturing engine and drivetrain components for racing cars, high performance vehicles and the aerospace industry. Pankl scores with lightweight components made from high-grade innovative materials designed to withstand extreme mechanical stress. Pankl is a global niche player with worldwide subsidiaries in Austria, UK, USA, Slovakia and Japan. Both CP-Carrillo and Pankl are Original Equipment Manufacturers for Porsche AG.

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