LN Engineering: Nikasil Cylinder Reconditioning

LN Engineering: Nikasil Cylinder Reconditioning

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Porsche Nikasil cylinder reconditioning using Millennium Technology’s nickel silicon carbide NSC-plating and honed to LN Engineering specifications. Cylinders are stripped, re-plated, media blasted, and honed.

100% of cylinders are quality control checked by LN Engineering and measured for ovality, taper, and surface finish (Rk, RpK, RvK) to ensure the best results on your rebuild. If you don’t have the proper tools to correctly measure your cylinders – dial bore gauge, ring gauge, and profilometer, you don’t know if you cylinders are correctly finished.

Factory cast iron or alloy (aluminum Ferral/Chromal/Alusil/Nikasil) cylinders can be reconditioned; cylinders without sealing ring grooves can be bored oversized during the reconditioning process at no extra charge.

If you have an aluminum cylinder that is damaged where there plating or coating is gouged, we can fix that too (for a small fee). With careful welding, we can build up the area and have the cylinder bored out and plated back to its original size.


1. Surface grinding option not available for 2.0 911 and 914-6, 4 cam Carrera, or cylinders with head gasket or sealing rings grooves in the cylinder head mating/surface (deck).

2. The factory 3.3 turbo half-finned cylinders should not be re-plated or reused in our opinion. The same goes for any cylinder that is severely ovaled or distorted from overheating or damaged from detonation or over-boost. Tell tale signs of this damage can be found by performing a visual inspection of the sealing surface, rings, and pistons for detonation. Rockwell testing can also be used to test if any one cylinder is significantly softer than the others, it is suspect to be bad and should be replaced.

Price per cylinder. Please call us prior to shipping your cylinders to us for proper packaging and shipping instructions.

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