CP-Carrillo Pistons: Custom Six (6) Cylinder CP X-Series Piston set including rings, pins, and clips.

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SKU: 306-00-CP

Buyers will be sent a custom piston worksheet that will need to be completed prior to making a custom piston. Lead time is approximately 6-8 weeks. Manufactured from 2618 alloy, the pistons utilize a narrow pin boss X forging (where available) and come with heavy duty pins for extra strength. Pistons include full 3-D under crown milling, normally only found on custom pistons, insuring the lightest possible piston. Each piston features anti-detonation grooves, accumulator grooves, double pin oil with broach, wire lox system with installation tool and a set of CPN rings, consisting of gas nitride top ring with napier cut second. Pistons include coated skirts no extra charge.
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