Engine: CP-Carrillo connecting Rods Set for Porsche 991 981 9A1 2009+ 3.4/3.6/3.8 (Non-Turbo) with WMC or CARR Bolts

1.895,00 exclusief BTW | 2.292,95 inclusief BTW

Set for Porsche 9A1 engines used in 997.2, 987.2, 981 and 991  3.4/3.6/3.8 (non-turbo)


SKU: PR_B9A1_0HS_5512B6H

CP-Carrillo connecting rods are fully machined from a proprietary 4330m alloy forging for strength and durability.
Rods are available with 2 types of bolts:
  • The standard WMC-H7 (H11) bolt with a UTS of 220ksi
  • Upgraded CARR-S7 (MP35N) bolt with a UTS of 285ksi (for use above 8.500 RPM)
All our bolts are manufactured with asymmetrical threads, each thread has a slightly different design than the previous giving the bolts an evenly distributed thread engagement. This helps to increase the clamp load and fatigue life of the fastener.
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