Engine: 9A1 Oil Cooler Delete Adapter Kit MY09-12 Cayman Boxster 991 & 997.2

299,00 exclusief BTW | 361,79 inclusief BTW

SKU: 120-04

Track cars can suffer from elevated oil temperatures that the factory cooling system can struggle to keep up with. One option often used is to replace the factory water to oil heat exchanger with an external oil cooler. This kit allows you to replace the factory cooler with -12AN outlets that can be routed to a remote cooler.

Coolant lines can be re-routed to an external oil to water heat exchanger or joined to loop coolant back to the cooling system if an air to oil cooler is utilized.

We use and recommend our Cayenne Turbo cooler kit. Models with factory power steering cooling run through the stock engine oil cooler heat exchanger need to fit an external power steering cooler to the vehicle.

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