Motor: DZ 935 Krukas Poelie/Crankshaft Pulley

Motor: DZ 935 Krukas Poelie/Crankshaft Pulley

126mm poelie, aluminium, lichtgewicht.

195,00 exclusief BTW | 235,95 inclusief BTW

Fits all 911’s & 930’s from 1974 thru 1989

The stock Crankshaft pulley on a 911/930 weighs 967 grams, our  pulley weighs 262 grams.  This is a direct replacement for your OEM 911/930 pulley.


  • CNC machined from 7050 alloy with timing marks in the factory locations: Z1TDC, 30 & 35 degrees BTDC, 120 & 240 degrees for valve adjustments.
  • Also includes the mark for MFI equipped engines.
  • Anodized gold to prevent corrosion.

Also available in Black Anodize finish

Number: DZ935P

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