capristo has a variety of design improvements exhaust pipe systems and carbon fiber parts. Antonio Capristo, founder and CEO of Capristo Automobile GmbH, holds several international patents for innovative technologies.

Each exhaust system is made from T309 stainless steel (near Inconel - used in F1), designed for very high temperature applications (> 600 * C), for long life and unique sound.

Exhaust systems

Capristo Automotive tries to get a sound for every sports car that convinces the customer and matches the character of the vehicle. For this reason exhaust systems are custom made. Each exhaust system works with the OEM system or the in-house developed electronic valve control EVCU-1 that is monitored for dynamic pressure. By default, the system can be individually influenced in 3 driving modes. The basis for the development of an individual exhaust system is a 3D scan of the vehicle to get the spatial situation under the vehicle.

3D drawing

A 3D drawing is now made from this data by our own designers. Another positive feature is the light weight of the exhaust systems. This is due to the high-quality material. The exhaust systems are made of high-quality heat-resistant stainless steel 1.4828 stainless steel. This high-quality material gives the system a long service life. They are now made by hand using the TIG welding process and a special welding jig so that every exhaust is the same from production. Everything is then polished to a high gloss. The production process is completed by an extensive quality control.

Carbon parts

Capristo Automotive is also a manufacturer of high-quality carbon fiber body parts for sports cars and supercars.
Carbon fiber has an enormous strength and stability comparable to steel. It's just a lot lighter and stronger.

A carbon part is made with a resin soaked carbon fiber fabric.


A major advantage of carbon is that it cannot rust. As a result, it has low material fatigue.
Several layers of this fabric are glued together in a homemade shape.
The part is then placed in the autoclave (vacuum oven) or in a specially made press to cure.

A carbon part gives the vehicle a high degree of exclusivity.
In order to faithfully adapt the vehicle, the same materials and finish are used as the car manufacturers themselves.
Each carbon part is available in matt or glossy finish.

Capristo for companies

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Capristo for individuals

In order to guarantee good assembly and after sales, we have appointed a number of main dealers in the Netherlands who have extensive experience with the products of Capristo Automotive GmbH. 

AST Vriezenveen

North/East Netherlands

  mr. Tom Arendsen
New Erlerveenseweg 11
7671 SK Vriezenveen

Absolute Motors

West Netherlands

 mr. Rowan van der Woude
Euroway 24
2988 CM Ridderkerk

Fleet access


 mr. Mickey Driessen
Pigeon dyke 7
5672 AD Nuenen


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