Alte Schule – The Golden Age of the Automobile

Andy Preuninger has once again achieved a dream job in the automotive industry: he is the series manager for the hot versions at Porsche, namely GT2, GT3, recently also GT4, not to mention the corresponding RS variants and various special shapes à la 911R! The footsteps were quite big, because he is actually the successor of Roland Kussmaul and Andy Preuninger has proven that he knew how to fill them in quite well. His first model was the 996 GT3 Mk.2 and after visiting Spike Feresten in Los Angeles (together with Jerry Seinfeld) and Chris Harris for TopGear it's finally time for the old school… Have fun with Andy Preuninger !

My partner in today's episode is the company Custom Concepts, which sells LN-Engineering's products exclusively in Europe and allows you to get the most out of your air- and water-cooled Porsche. All information and contact details can be found here:

This episode is presented by, the online marketplace for classic and used Porsche sports cars. As a special goodie for this episode, with one click you can find all the vehicles on offer that my guest Andy Preuninger and his team were responsible for (plus the Carrera GT, which Andy is just a fan of and we also talk about in this podcast):
Have fun looking for your dream car

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